Standard Servicing   £59


Treat your bike to a careful safety inspection and adjustment which, includes your bike and accessories and lubrication.


This service is targeted at bikes that are used but not daily in all weathers.

Geared up to those of you who want a yearly check-up to keep your bike safe and in good working order for you to enjoy.

  • Inspect and adjust, where applicable. Frame, headset, brakes, wheels, tyres (inflated to correct pressures).
  • Chainset. Gears (re-tuned), chain checked for wear.
  • Bottom Bracket Check.
  • Handlebars. Brake/gear levers checked. Correct torque settings checked on all components.
  • The entire bike will be thoroughly checked over. Cleaned where moving parts need lubrication.
  • All Lubricated and ready to ride.

Please Note:
Price is for my labour only and therefore replacement does not include replacement parts.
I will always contact you if new parts are required.


 Hydraulic Brake Bleed and Service per Lever (Optional) From  £25


Comprehensive valet of your cycle to include a de-grease and polish for an extra £17


Full Servicing and Component Overhaul £125-£165


From your headset to your Bottom Bracket. This service is aimed at those using their bikes regularly in all weathers or if you have enjoyed many miles.

Full inspection, safety check, and parts quotation if worn.

Full removal of all components which will be cleaned and inspected. Cables replaced where needed.


All that a Standard Service will give you plus:

  • All components will be removed, checked, serviced, and reassembled.
  • Frame threads will be checked and cleaned.
  • Fitting of Inner Gear and Brake cables and Brake pads if required.
  • Fitting of Outer Gear and Brake runs if needed.
  • Hubs, Headset, and Bottom Bracket stripped, adjusted, and re-greased.
  • Frame and Transmission degreased and cleaned.
  • Wheels removed and Trued.
  • Fully reassembled with correct torque and road tested.

Valet of your cycle, de-grease, and re-lubrication of all components free with this service.


Please Note:
Price is for my labour only and therefore does not include replacement parts.
I will always contact you if new parts are required.


Any modifications can be completed in addition to parts cost if required.


Hydraulic Brake Bleed and Service (Optional) From  £25


Please be aware of the following:


Price of replacement parts are not included in the above service charges.


Please be assured I will contact you first. Then where necessary and with your permission I will fit replacement parts needed.

The above sevices will not include – service of suspension components or replacement hydraulic disk fluid or brake bleeding.


Cycling in Sussex, in and around Ringmer and Lewes?

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Getting Mucky?

The weather outside is - well, a bit mucky!
Don't forget, this time of year is cruel to your bikes.
They will suffer from constant wet and muck especially your bottom brackets and Headsets.
Even diligent washing will push that protective grease out of those hidden areas and if left will seize and cost a lot more to put right.
Get your Wheels checked out here at Bikerepairbox and be ready to roll out into the better weather to come.
Book in well in advance before the quite time for us Mechanics is over. Last year we were all looking at 2-3 weeks in advance for servicing. Any issues or need advise just ring me.

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Hello Folks,

I am delighted to announce that I will now be part of Velorims recycling service for Bicycle tubes and tyres. I am registered with Velorim as one of their Recycling centres in Sussex
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