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Secure Bike Storage right at home.

As Spring approaches how has your bike fared?


If you've had to keep it outside under a less than effective plastic cover and it's looking pretty rusty and neglected or you're just tired of re-covering during our windy wet winter take a look at this very secure storage option From...


The Brighton Bike Shed company.


I have found their bike storage to be fantastic. They can build to your own spec and have several options made in various finishes. Take a look online here.



Going Tubeless?


Many of us are, on and off the road!



Tubeless-ready Wheels.

Tubeless Ready Tyres.


Want to get them set up?


Finding it difficult or daunting to get your tubeless-ready wheels and tyres seated?


Then let me get you set up. I have all that's needed to get those tyres seated!


Most new wheels come ready to take a tubeless tyre, you just need to check your equipment, and if you see TLE your good to go. The wheels usually come with High-Pressure Tape pre-installed and if newly purchased often have the Tubeless valves included. If not I can provide those.

Sealent provided within cost per wheel.

Wheels cleaned, reset with tape where needed. From £20


Give me a call and we can get you and your bike booked in.




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Getting Mucky?

The weather outside is - well, a bit mucky!
Don't forget, this time of year is cruel to your bikes.
They will suffer from constant wet and muck especially your bottom brackets and Headsets.
Even diligent washing will push that protective grease out of those hidden areas and if left will seize and cost a lot more to put right.
Get your Wheels checked out here at Bikerepairbox and be ready to roll out into the better weather to come.
Book in well in advance before the quite time for us Mechanics is over. Last year we were all looking at 2-3 weeks in advance for servicing. Any issues or need advise just ring me.

NHS Deals


Hello Folks,

I am delighted to announce that I will now be part of Velorims recycling service for Bicycle tubes and tyres. I am registered with Velorim as one of their Recycling centres in Sussex
What do you think aboutmy service at bikerepairbox ? Share your opinion on Cylex!
Stay Safe - Have a service & safety check. All my work is fully insured.

No project too small.

Give me a call to discuss your needs

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